"Hot Cripple is an immensely impressive piece, conceived out of a personal nightmare with much sharp black comedy and no
self-pity. Hogan Gorman’s many characters are created with deadly accuracy, her writing is taut and lean, and her satire of the American medical system hits its mark."

                                       - Salman Rushdie



Stayed Tuned...

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Hot Cripple was first performed as part of the 12th annual New York International Fringe Festival where it garnered Hogan Gorman the FringeNYC Overall Excellence Award for ‘Outstanding Actor’.

It’s “Legally Blonde” meets Michael Moore in this HILARIOUSLY devastating solo show. This is the story of Hogan Gorman, an x-model turned actress/waitress, hoping for a change in her life when she got exactly that…unfortunately it came at her at 40 miles per hour as she was HIT BY A CAR while crossing the street. Don't worry, though, it's not a sob story. It's a WILD RIDE with crippled hand jobs, a stalker ambulance driver, short term memory loss, forgotten food stamps, a hot doctor, a crazy judge and a fashionista's guide on what to wear to the welfare office. And at the core of this story: a look at what happens to the uninsured in this country when they unexpectedly become sick or injured.

As a nation debating healthcare, we have begun to ask the question, "What is our obligation to the poor and unhealthy in this country?" Hot Cripple echoes the story of millions of Americans who slip through the cracks of our failed healthcare and welfare system every day.